Environment and Health Group

The Environment and Health Group (EHG) was founded in 21 November 2005 in frame of South East European University Tetovo, with the aim to provide organizational and development activities, science research and to promote and strengthen awareness and partnerships for protecting and improving the environment and health in regional and global level. Our contribution consists in progressing environmental and health issues provide and develop program studies with adequate literature, good conditions for science-research activities, promote environment and health through public awareness, maintain the library with literature permanently and increase our level of impact and professionality through partnerships and corporations with regional and international institutions and organization.


EHG Publications

Moving Towards Sustainable Agricultural Land Management and Practices in Kosovo
Fjolle N. Caka
Sustainable City 2020

Realization of a Low Emission University Campus Trough the Implementation of a Climate Action Plan
D.Spirovski, A.Abazi, I.Iljazi, M.Ismaili, G.Cassulo, A.Venturin
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences

Neighborhood Based Plan Deliberation (NBPD) for Mitrovica South
Fjolle N. Caka
UN-Habitat Kosovo

Inclusive Development Programme
Fjolle N. Caka, Dragoljub Stašić
Regional Visioning Workshop, UN-Habitat Kosovo

Measurement of the Influence of Household Power Electronics on the Power Quality
Ljupco Arsov, Iljas Iljazi, Slobodan Mircevski, M. Cundeva-Blajer, Alajdin Abazi
IEEE International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (EPE-PEMC)

Sustainable Energy Strategy for Small-scale Power Supply Network
Alajdin Abazi, Iljas Iljazi
Balkan Communication Network Annual Conference

Estimation of Uncertainty in Measurement of Power Quality Characteristics with a Virtual Measurement Instrument
Ljupco Arsov, Marija Cundeva-Blajer, Zoran Grkov, Ilijaz Iljazi, Alajdin Abazi
IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference

Seasonal Variation of Trihalomethanes Concentration in Tetova’s Drinking Water
Bujar H. Durmishi, D. Vezi, Murtezan Ismaili, Agim Shabani, Shemsedin Abduli
World Journal of Applied Environmental Chemistry,

SO2 Concentration in the Air in Prishtina During the Months of March and June 2017
R.H. Ceka, N.V. Bajraktari, M.A. Ismaili, M.S. Srbinovski, G.F. Kastrati, E.S. Kabashi-Kastrati
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry