Research groups and labs are valued and encouraged at MVDSI. They create a venue for Faculty to come together to solve a common goal. Additional opportunities for joint projects and funding are created as investigators interact. Therefore, the MVDSI aim to galvanise a critical mass of researchers, transcending Faculty boundaries to support a multidisciplinary theme.

Based on that, the following research groups are active within the Institute:

Distributed Systems and Data Science Group

The Distributed Systems and Data Science Group (DSG) performs research in several topics in the broad area of computer systems and data science. The overall goal of our research is to improve the abstractions and techniques that are used for building distributed and concurrent applications, so that these applications become more robust, more secure, and perform better. The motivation for our research is to empower individual people and collectives with distributed computing services, programming models and systems that mask the complexity of the myriad of interrelated software, computing and communication elements and their complex interactions in a large, diverse and changing environment. Active research areas of the group are the following ones:

Social Sciences Group

The Social Science Group (SSG) is a multidisciplinary, applied research group that is dedicated to facilitate a better understanding of the complex social world that we live in. The group is an applied research group that combines a number of different academic disciplines together in a cohesive way to work on a range of different personal, social and cultural issues in conjunction with local, regional and international organisations. Active research areas of the group are the following ones:

Environment and Health Group

The Environment and Health Group (IEH) was founded in 21 November 2005 in frame of South East European University Tetovo, with the aim to provide organizational and development activities, science research and to promote and strengthen awareness and partnerships for protecting and improving the environment and health in regional and global level. Our contribution consists in progressing environmental and health issues provide and develop program studies with adequate literature, good conditions for science-research activities, promote environment and health through public awareness, maintain the library with literature permanently and increase our level of impact and professionality through partnerships and corporations with regional and international institutions and organization.