Lejla Ademi

Research Assistant at MVDSI

About Me

I am a Research Assistant at the Max van der Stoel Institute and a part-time lecturer at the Energy, Economy and Environment program of the Faculty of Business and Economics, in the South East European University (SEEU).

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics (LSE), an SEEU program that was in collaboration with London School of Economics. Subsequently, I pursued my master’s degree in Air Pollution, Management and Control at the University of Birmingham (with Distinction), where I actively participated in many extracurricular activities. My thesis focused on apportioning of the sources in an urban household in Tetovo using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization. Notably, this analysis marked the first instance of such methods being applied in the city.

Prior to joining MVDSI, I worked as a finance associate at AeroTehnika DOOEL. Additionally, I worked with different organizations, being actively involved in volunteering work, particularly focusing on environmental and social causes.

My research focuses on air pollution, with a primary focus on Tetovo, and the utilization of source apportionment methods to distinguish between the various pollution sources prevalent in the city.


MScUniversity of Birmingham (2023),
The McCall MacBain Clean Air Fellowship

BScSouth East European University (2022),
SEEU Fellowship


    • Oct 2023: A brief blog about a hypothetical project that Clean Air Fund (CAF) could fund was published on the CAF’s website !
    • Jun 2023: Presented a hypothetical project using Clean Air Fund’s theory of change, named “Visualizing the urgency of air pollution in Tetovo” in front of CAF and University of Birmingham staff !
    • Jun 2023:  Took part in the Clean Air Fund (CAF) experience, meeting different CAF staff, grantees and partners to gain insight into the efforts that they put into combating pollution !
    • Apr 2023: Collective blog from students of the partnering institutions of EUniWell, titled “ Constraint of Cyclotopia” was published at the University of Birmingham website !