Assessing the Nexus Between Air Pollution and Human Mobility in the City of Tetova

Short Info:  The Air Quality Monitoring for the city of Tetova will be a facility to measure concentration of air pollutants (PM2.5, PM10 etc) temperature and other weather parameters, and particulate matters continuously all year round. The system will consist of 5 professional air quality sensors that will be distributed across the city of Tetova.

The United Nations Migrations Agency and University of Birmingham (UK) are interested in exploring how migrant pathways confer greater or lesser exposure to poor air quality and the extent to which their (IOM’s) support to migrants can concomitantly reduce exposure to air pollution, improve migrant health and support climate change efforts. This project is thus positioned at the intersection of migration and climate change.

Start: 01.03.2022 

End: 01.03.2023 

Project Reference: N/A 

Project budget: N/A 

Grant: N/A 

Coordinator: University of Birmingham, UK 

Partners:  United Nations Migration Agency (IOM), University of Birmingham (UK) and South East European University

SEEU contact person: Mennan Selimi 

Other staff engaged: N/A 

Requested expertise (topics): sensor deployment, sensor configuration, data science, FLOSS 

Project webpage: N/A