Open positions

We are always looking for new group members with passion, talent, and grit!

You will have the chance to work on the grand challenges of computer and social sciences. You will be involved in determining the important and interesting questions, creating and improving state of the art work, performing measurements, building systems etc. We have close collaborations with top European universities such as University of Cambridge, UPC BarcelonaTech, University of Bologna, Uppsala University, IST Lisbon, KTH Stockholm, University of Ljublana, etc.

Applications for PhD and Master thesis projects (DSG Group)

We are always looking for bright and enthusiastic people to join our group. We’re opportunistic, and will work to accommodate outstanding candidates. If you are looking to do a PhD with some of us, please send us an email. State briefly why you are interested and attach a CV, including information about the grades you had as an undergraduate.

There are PhD and Master scholarships available. We would be happy to support you after you apply to our group. Take a look at the H2020 and Erasmus+ projects we are currently working: Fed4FireSmart4All and six different Erasmus+ projects.

If you are a Master student at South East European University looking for a Master project, contact me (or any group member) per email or stop by my office.

If you are interested in pursuing a Master degree at South East European University, see SEEU Postgraduate Programs. Sometimes, we take master students or summer interns from other universities if we get exceptional applicants (this usually means very good grades and a personal recommendation).


Available PhD topics at MVDSI

Below you will find information about available PhD projects (Updated: June 2023). Please contact the principal investigator of each project to know more about the topic.

  • DSG group
    • Air Quality Prediction using Machine Learning: The case of Tetova Municipality
      1. Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mennan Selimi
        1. Project: Air Pollution Monitoring – University of Birmingham
    •  A Federated Machine Learning Framework for Medical Data
      1. Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mennan Selimi
        1. Project: H2020 Fed4Fire+
    • Blockchain-enabled Payment Systems in Wireless Mesh Networks
      1. Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mennan Selimi
        1. Project: H2020 Fed4Fire+
  • SSG group
    • Media and Information Literacy Education in the Age of Disinformation 
      1. Principal Investigator: Dr. Albulena Halili
        1. Project: Erasmus+ Fakespotting, SEE U Students 5.0