Edlira Palloshi-Disha

Researcher at MVDSI/ Teaching Assistant – Public Relations and Political Communication

About Me

Edlira Palloshi Disha is a Research Assistant at the Max van der Stoel Institute (MVDSI) of the South East European University (SEEU) and a member of the Media Literacy and Disinformation Research Cluster (MeDisInfo). She is also a researcher at the Erasmus+ project ‘Fakespotting‘ and the project “SEE U Students 5.0: Media and Information Literacy in the Age of Disinformation,” implemented by IREX and funded by USAID.

She has BSc. in Communication sciences at the Faculty of Communication Sciences and Technologies at SEEU and MSc in Diplomacy at the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences. She defended her master’s thesis on a topic: ‘Disinformation as a tool in political campaigns – the way the audience perceives the Disinformation – the case study Republic of North Macedonia.’ Currently, she is a Ph.D. student in Media and Communication studies at SEEU. She lectures Public Relations and Political Communication to International Communication undergraduate students at the Faculty of Languages, Cultures, and Communication, SEEU. 

Previously she was part of the SEEU Information and Promotion Office team, and since 2018, she has been coordinating the Central Research Office of the SEEU. She serves as the Managing Editor of SEEU Review, the SEEU international scientific journal published by De Gruyter. She has been the main contact for the HRS4R (Human Resource Strategy for Researchers) and actively participated in the Implementation Phase Interim Assessment Report for the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the European Charter of Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers within the European Commission. 

As a communicator and researcher, she was a collaborator of several Institutes and organizations within the framework of various international projects for children’s rights, multiculturalism, civic education, culture, and media, such as the Center for Balkan Cooperation (LOJA), Coalition Sega, Options for a Healthy Life Skopje (HOPS), Trimbus Institute Netherland, Cooperazione Sud de Sud – Skopje – Italy (CISS), NGO Infocenter, Macedonian Institute for Media (MIM), Institute for Communication Sciences (ICS), The School of Journalism and Public Relations (SJPR), Research Institute of Social Development (RESIS), USAID, OSCE/ODIHR, etc. 

Palloshi-Disha engagement was focused mainly on Media monitoring projects implemented by the Macedonian Media Institute (MIM), Institute for Communication Studies (ICS), and Research Institute of Social Development (RESIS). The analysis of media content for respecting the principles of factual, impartial, and balanced information in the news, as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis of the content of media coverage during local and parliamentary elections (television, radio, newspapers, portals).

Lately, she has been engaged as an analyst for media content for the project ‘Gender in the media 2019: Analysis of the gender issues in the national broadcasters’ children’s programs,’ commissioned by the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, and implemented by the Research Institute on Social Development (RESIS).

Her fields of interest are but are not limited to mass media and digital media effects, information disorders, disinformation, media, information literacy, and societal resilience.


Ph.D. student in Media and Communication studies (ongoing)
Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication, South East European University

MSc.  in Diplomacy (2022)
Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences, South East European University
Master Thesis: ‘Disinformation as a tool in political campaigns – the way the audience perceives the disinformation – case study Republic of North Macedonia”

BSc. in Communication Sciences (2008)
Faculty of Communication Sciences and Technologies, South East European University
Diploma Thesis: ‘The right to Access Public Information; 
The Ethics project: ‘Anonymity in the new information age



  • 2021: Online Article
    Disinformation during election campaigns – Audience vulnerability in social media according to the perception of the credibility of the source of information, political affiliation, and age.
    Edlira Palloshi Disha
    Macedonian Institute for Media