Social Sciences Group

The Social Sciences Group (SSG) is a multidisciplinary, applied research group that is dedicated to facilitate a better understanding of the complex social world that we live in. The group is an applied research group that combines a number of different academic disciplines together in a cohesive way to work on a range of different personal, social and cultural issues in conjunction with local, regional and international organisations. Active research areas of the group are the following ones:

Media Literacy & Disinformation

Media Literacy & Disinformation – MeDisInfo is a research cluster within the Social Sciences Research Group at Max van der Stoel Institute that brings together experts in international relations, diplomacy, security studies, media, journalism, and information technology. Our primary objective is to thoroughly examine the multifaceted impact of fake news and disinformation on society and security, with a specific emphasis on their implications for the Balkan region.

Preventive Diplomacy

The research on Preventive and Academic Diplomacy aims to develop conceptual understanding of students for practices and procedures of modern diplomacy and to help them to work effectively in the diplomatic community. It is designed for diplomats, higher civil servants in different ministerial headquarters abroad, members of international and religious organizations and clerks in non-governmental organizations and multinational corporations. This research is also dedicated to those who want to have careers as diplomats or want to work in different governmental sectors or multinational corporations and for those who want to work in governmental sectors and multinational companies.

Social Finance

Social finance recently has started to show great results and prove to best eliminate the effects of last financial and economic crises. The research on social finance will try to propose a better way of dealing with poverty than philanthropy or a welfare state model. Social finance influences the social change inside one economy motivating people to give up from profit maximization and orient them toward profit that will be earned while taking care of social and environmental needs. Further, one of the research questions that we will tackle is: are there differences between social finance and Corporate Social Responsibility and not-for-profit charity work ?


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