Mennan Selimi

Associate Professor at SEEU. Senior Research Associate at Max van der Stoel Institute.

About Me

I am a Senior Research Associate (Associate Professor) at Max van der Stoel Institute (MVDSI), South East European University (SEEU). At MVDSI, I am the head of the Distributed Systems and Data Science research group (DSG).

Prior to joining the SEEU, I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. At Cambridge, I was affiliated with the Networking for Development Lab (N4D Lab) where I worked on the EU H2020 RIFE and UMOBILE projects.

I did my PhD at UPC BarcelonaTech and University of Lisbon (IST) (with Distinction and Honour), where I was an EMJD-DC fellow. Before that, I spent some time as a researcher at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPS-SWS) and Saarland University Graduate School of Computer Science.

My primary research focus revolves around decentralized cloud infrastructures, with a particular emphasis on embedded machine learning for intelligent systems. Within this domain, I concentrate on areas such as Federated Learning and development of scalable and efficient machine learning algorithms for resource-constrained platforms.


Post-DocUPC BarcelonaTech (2019),
UPC Fellowship

Post-DocUniversity of Cambridge (2018),
University of Cambridge Fellowship

PhDUPC BarcelonaTech, (2017),
Instituto Superior Técnico, (2017),
Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Fellowship

MScSapienza University of Rome (2011),
Erasmus Mundus Master Fellowship

BScSouth East European University (2009),
SEEU Fellowship


    • May 2024: My latest book, ‘Wireless Community Networks: Deploying IoT Services with Micro-Clouds‘ has just been published!
    • May 2024: Two papers accepted at the IEEE MECO 2024 conference. Congrats Nelum and Lamir!
    • Oct 2023: I’ve been appointed as one of the Program Committee Chairs for the upcoming DAIS conference scheduled to take place in Groningen from June 17th to June 21st, 2024 !
    • Sep 2023: Our paper “FederatedMesh: Collaborative Federated Learning for Medical Data Sharing in Mesh Networks” got accepted at CollaborateCom conference !
    • Aug 2023: I will be serving as the Program Committee for the ACM/IFIP Middleware Workshop on Middleware for Edge Computing (MiddleWEdge). Consider submitting a paper !
    • Jun 2023:  I contributed as an expert to the development of the National Development Strategy focused on Green and Digital Transformation !
    • May 2023:  Embarked on a visit to the University of Birmingham in the UK for the Air Quality Monitoring project !
      May 2023:
       Presented our work on machine learning in healthcare at H2020 Smart4All General Assembly meeting in Lisbon, Portugal !
      Feb 2023:
       First master thesis defence at the DSG group !  Lenart Ibraimi successfully defended his master thesis “Participatory Air Pollution Monitoring System Using Portable Low-cost Sensors”. Congrats Lenart ! 
    • Feb 2023: I conducted training sessions on Horizon Europe programme (Prishtina & ITP Prizren) organised by Edutask Institute and GIZ.
    • Oct 2022: Our paper entitled “Server-side Adaptive Federated Learning over Wireless Mesh Network” got accepted at ICITS’23 to be held in Peru !
    • Sep 2022: Two new students joined our group at MVDSI ! Lamir Shkurti (PhD candidate) and Leda Shaqiri (Master student) will be part of the DSG ! Welcome guys !
    • Jun 2022: Our paper “Designing a Double LoRa Connectivity for the Arduino Portenta H7” got accepted at IEEE LANMAN conference !
    • Apr 2022: Officially kick-started the project “Air Pollution and Human Mobility” supported by University of Birmingham and IOM !
    • Feb 2022: We are hiring a technical / research assistant to work with us on the air pollution monitoring project !
    • Nov 2021: We are the winners of the 9th H2020 Fed4Fire+ Open Call ! We are hiring a senior researcher to work with us at MVDSI ! Stay tuned for a news update !
    • Oct 2021: Two papers on Federated Machine Learning got accepted ! They will be presented at ACM/SIGHCI IoT 2021 conference in Switzerland and ICITS 2022 conference in Costa Rica !
    • Sep 2021: Together with the University of Birmingham (UK) and International Organization for Migration (IOM) we are kick-starting the project “Assessing the Nexus Between Air Pollution and Human Mobility in the City of Tetova” !
    • Aug 2021: Our work on Federated Learning got accepted at IEEE Globecom 2021 conference to be held in Madrid, Spain ! Congratulations Lenart !
    • Jul 2021: We were nominated and selected for the Elsevier FGCS Editor’s Choice Award for our journal paper on Multi-criteria Optimization in Edge Clouds !
    • Apr 2021: Nominated and selected in the Program Committee of Horizon Europe programme for North Macedonia !
    • Mar 2021: Our paper on “Multi-criteria Optimization in Edge Clouds” has been accpeted for publication in the Elsevier FGCS journal (Impact Factor: 7.187) ! Kudos to the team !
    • Mar 2021: I am excited to welcome our second MVDSI intern Bedria Zendeli who will be working on the Blockchain project. Welcome Bedria !
    • Dec 2020: I am looking for motivated students and interns to work on EU related projects on cloud, machine learning and blockchain !
    • Nov 2020: We got a second Open Call grant from the H2020 Fed4Fire+ project !