Open Positions

I’m always looking for bright and enthusiastic people to join my group. I can say that I am opportunistic and will work to accommodate outstanding candidates. If you are looking to do a PhD with me, please send me an e-mail. State briefly why you are interested and attach a CV, including information about the grades you had as an undergraduate.

Internship and Research Assistant

A limited number of internship positions (3-4) are available each year. Candidates are selected based on their academic achievements (e.g., honors, course grades, prior project experience) as well as their interest and motivation in pursuing original research in different areas of software systems. Selected applicants receive monthly stipends during their stay at the MVDSI. Take a look at the H2020 and national projects we are currently working:

    • Air Pollution Monitoring Project (University of Birmingham and IOM)
    • H2020 Fed4Fire+ (MeshDapp Project) – Start Date: November 2021
      Topics: Blockchain, Cloud, Payment Systems
    • (SEEU-WISP Project) – Ongoing
      Topics: Wireless Mesh Networks, Machine Learning

Bachelor / Master thesis

If you are a Bachelor or Master student at South East European University looking for a bachelor thesis project (Capstone) or Master thesis project, contact me (or any group member) of DSG per e-mail or stop by my office (304.11)