Short Info: Few other topics like migration attract misinformation and polarization of opinions. Especially in recent years, the public debate about migrants has become skewed, the gap between perception and reality widened, with positives overlooked and negatives amplified.

The impact of such a negative narrative undermines social cohesion, innovation and economic growth. Efforts towards effective and comprehensive migration policy-making are undermined, with adverse effects on communities where individuals of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds live and work side by side. Evident repercussions are felt on the economies of countries of origin, due to decreased remittances – the savings that migrants send back home. Similarly, economies of hosting countries are negatively affected, due to increased labour shortages paired with the growth of grey and informal economy, caused by the employment of undocumented migrants and migrants’ exploitation.

Promoting a balanced and effective communication about migration contributes to expand the social and political space for effective migration policy-making, supporting inclusive, innovative and prosperous hosting communities.

By analysing those complex factors that shape public attitudes towards migrants, the E-MINDFUL project intends to promote a social and economic environment where everyone can feel belonging, so to be more adaptive, creative and productive.



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Partners: OSCE, International Labour Organization (ILO), Migration Policy Centre (EUI)

SEEU contact person: Afrim Tresi

Other staff engaged:  Merita Zylfiu Alili, Agim Poshka

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Project webpage: https://e-mindful.eu/