Development of internationalization and interdisciplinary approach to study programs and research



Short Info: The “ESPLORADO” project, which means “research” in the Esperanto language, envisages an approach in two phases: the first, which has research character aiming in mutual understanding between the participating institutions and their respective scope, while the second is planned with activities that aim to involve students and researchers, in order to extend the activities and open perspectives towards the most advanced development of cooperation. 

Start: 1 November 2021 

End: 30 November 2022 

Project Reference: N/A 

Project budget: 34 846 EUR 

Programme: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Europe, France 

Key Action: Higher Education in the Western Balkans 

Action Type: N/A 

Coordinator: University Franche-Comté, France

Partners: South East European University 

SEEU contact person: Bujar Sinani 

Other staff engaged: Veli Kreci, Albulena Halili 

Project webpage: N/A