Towards building a Citizen-driven Telecom Infrastructure

Short Info: The goal of our project is to set up a small WCMN within the SEEU campus in Tetovo, and around 100 students will use it. The successful operation of such a network can prove the operation of a citizen-driven Wireless Internet Service Provider.

Start: 01.10.2020 

End: 01.10.2022 

Project Reference: N/A 

Project budget: 15 000 EUR 

Programme: AEC (Agency for Electronic Communication), North Macedonia 

Coordinator: Mennan Selimi 

Partners: CST and MVDSI 

SEEU contact person: Adrian Besimi, Mennan Selimi 

Other staff engaged: Lenart Ibraimi 

Requested expertise (topics): computer networks, wireless mesh networks, edge computing, machine learning