Accelerating Western Balkans University Modernization by Incorporating Virtual Technologies



Short Info: VTECH project’s general aim is to introduce for the first time at Western Balkan universities the concept of Virtual Technologies as a tool for accelerating university modernization, while contributing to developing knowledge-driven society. 

Start: 01.11.2019 

End: 01.11.2022 

Project Reference: 610281-EPP-1-2019-1-ALEPPKA2-CBHE-JP 

EU Grant: 867 124 EUR 

Programme: Erasmus+ 

Key Action: Key Action 2 

Action Type: Capacity building projects 

Coordinator: Aleksander Moisiu University (Albania) 

Partners: Epoka University (Albania), Polis University (Albania), SEEU (North Macedonia), UMT (North Macedonia), UP (Kosovo), UBT (Kosovo), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Tartu University (Estonia). 

SEEU contact person: Lejla Abazi 

Other staff engaged: Arbana Kadriu 

Requested expertise (topics): virtual technologies, tools for education, augmented reality 

Project webpage: