Erasmus+ Fakespotting

Digital Information Literacy (2020 - 2023)


Developing and enhancing media and information literacy skills for SEEU students (2022-2023)


  • Conflict Resolution and Social Harmony – Training of Trainers regional seminar organized by MVDSI in partnership with Columbia’s Program on Peace-building and Rights at Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights (2013)

  • NATO Winter Academy – Addressing 21st Century Challenges: The Role of NATO and Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic (2013)

  • General Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Opportunity or Challenge for Internal and Regional Stability? In cooperation with the University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology and ACIPS, and Academic Network Southeast Europe, University of Hamburg (2010)


  • France in International Relations. Roundtable on the topic “France’s soft power in the Western Balkans”, SEEU, March 2022.
  • The Parliamentary Elections in Kosovo: A Chance For a Real Change? The Institute of Central Europe, Lublin, Poland, February 2021.
  • The Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue: The Origin, Conditioning Factors, Results and Perspectives, The Institute of Central Europe, Lublin, Poland, September 2020.