Media Literacy Days were marked at SEEU
Media Literacy & Disinformation Research Cluster (MeDisInfo) which functions within the “Max van der Stoel” Institute, on Monday, November 29, 2021, held a debate with students on the topic: “Generation 5.0: Should we believe in everything we read on the internet?”.
The debate was part of the activities of the UNESCO World Media Literacy Week, which in the country are marked as Media Literacy Days and are held from 22-29 November 2021.
In the debate with students, which was held at the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication, spoke: Albulena Halili, researcher and coordinator of the Media Literacy & Disinformation Research Cluster, “Max van der Stoel” Institute; Prof. Dr. Demush Bajrami, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication; Ardit Ramadani, journalist and civil society activist, as well as Blerina Demiri, a postgraduate student at the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication.
As part of the activities for marking Media Literacy Days, MeDisInfo research team prepared a leaflet for students with instructions that will help them detect fake news and get acquainted with the basic concepts of media literacy and disinformation.
Media Literacy Network of North Macedonia, which also includes the South East European University through the “Max van der Stoel” Institute, is part of the celebration of this world event. For eight days, under the motto “Virtual or real – the rules are the same! To be educated in the media” were held a series of activities dedicated to building and developing critical awareness among children and young people, but also other groups that are directly or indirectly related to them.
This year, a large number of members of the Network and their supporters joined the organization among others “Max van der Stoel” Institute – South East European University.