In an effort to enhance collaboration and strengthen ties in the field of air quality monitoring, green energy and social sciences, a delegation from our institute, led by Rector Abdylmenaf Bexheti, Prof. Veli Kreci and Prof. Mennan Selimi, paid a visit to the University of Birmingham. The visit aimed to explore joint projects and research opportunities between two institutions.

During the visit, we had the privilege of meeting with esteemed representatives of the University of Birmingham, including Dr. Mehran Torbaghan, Department of Civil Engineering, Dr. Allan McKinley, the Director of the Office for International Cooperation. Additionally, we met with Prof. Peter Kerr, the director of Postdoctoral Research in the Department of Political Science and International Studies, and Prof. Jonathan Radcliffe, the Director of the Institute for Global Innovation, among others.

The discussions revolved around potential areas of collaboration and focused on the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and resources in the field of air quality monitoring, renewable energy and social sciences. Both universities expressed their enthusiasm for the joint project and their commitment to fostering a long-term partnership.

One noteworthy highlight of the visit was the reunion between our delegation and our student, Lejla Ademi. Lejla is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Air Pollution and Control at the University of Birmingham as part of the joint project on Air Quality Monitoring  between SEEU and the University of Birmingham. Her studies not only exemplify the successful collaboration between the two institutions but also underscore the practical application of this partnership in addressing the crucial issue of air quality.

The joint project on Air Quality Monitoring between our institute and the University of Birmingham holds immense promise for both institutions. By combining partners expertise and resources, we can make significant strides in advancing air quality monitoring technologies, developing sustainable green energy solutions, and mitigating policy impact of the social, economic and political factors that influence environmental challenges.

In the following days of the visit, our delegation had the privilege of meeting two remarkable SEEU alumni in London: Blerta Shabani and Fortesa Asani. Blerta is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Venture Capital and Private Equity with Financial Technology at University College London, while Fortesa is pursuing a Master’s degree in International Social and Public Policy at London School of Economics and Political Science. The meeting with Blerta and Fortesa allowed us to witness firsthand the success and impact of SEEU graduates. These encounters served as a testament to the exceptional quality of education provided by our institute and the potential for our alumni to excel in diverse fields of study.

Overall, the UK trip showcased the success and global recognition of South East European University graduates and further reinforced the potential for fruitful collaborations between the two institutions.

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