Our student Lejla Ademi has been awarded a fellowship to study a fully funded Master of Science programme in Air Pollution Management and Control at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Lejla is the recipient of a McCall MacBain Clean Air Fellowship which provides full tuition and a living stipend in the UK. Designed by academics who are world-leading in their field, the master programme identifies individuals who can demonstrate a strong rationale for studying air pollution and can commit to tackling the problem through their career choice after they graduate.

Being part of the McCall MacBain Clean Air Fellowship will provide me the training I need to tackle air pollution in my home country. The Air Pollution Management and Control Masters is unique, and it allows me to create a less polluted, cleaner Tetovo. Being part of a global community of air pollution experts will give me the skillsets to work with the North Macedonian Ministry of Environment to help the people of my city and country. – Lejla Ademi

Max van der Stoel Institute – SEEU is a partnering institution in the project: “Assessing the Nexus Between Air Pollution and Human Mobility in the City of Tetova” supported by the University of Birmingham and IOM, and the fellowship provided is part of this project.

In the project, The United Nations Migrations Agency (IOM) and University of Birmingham (UK) are interested in exploring how migrant pathways confer greater or lesser exposure to poor air quality and the extent to which their (IOM’s) support to migrants can concomitantly reduce exposure to air pollution, improve migrant health and support climate change efforts. This project is thus positioned at the intersection of migration and climate change.

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