Representatives of the “Max van der Stul” Institute of the South East European University, within the Fakespotting project, in the period between September 27 and October 1, stayed in Seville, in the Joint Staff Training, in which representatives of all partners participated.

The purpose of the meeting in Seville was to develop and finalize the platform for the first intellectual output on web-based learning and the fourth intellectual output about digital literacy assessment tool, presentation of the work of each partner and their inclusion on the platform that will be ready for use at the end of the project. The platform will include six modules as follows: the new information space, social media versus traditional media, lateral reading, types of manipulation, identification of false content and the impacts of disinformation.

In the framework of the meeting, SEEU representatives had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas regarding the project, as well as on the latest developments in Europe regarding strategies for dealing with the impacts of disinformation, a module they are responsible for.

Four partner universities are involved in the Fakespotting project: the South East European University, University of Tirana, University Loyola Andalucia in Spain, Matej Bel University in Slovakia, as well as the organizations: Incoma (Spain), Globsec (Slovakia), Pagella Politica (Italy) and School of Journalism in Novi Sad (Serbia).

Fakespotting will be implementing brand new tools for the innovation of the higher education and adult education field, allowing the deployment of original digital and information literacy contents, assessments and toolkits tackling skills mismatches to prepare students and low-skilled adults for jobs where shortages exist or are emerging.  

During their stay in Seville SEEU Fakespotting team took the opportunity to meet also one of the SEEU students, Valon Dauti, who is currently attending the winter semester at the University of Loyola in the framework of the Erasmus+ mobility exchange programme.    

The meeting in Seville was attended by Albulena Halili, project leader and researcher, Edlira Palloshi-Disha and Shemsedin Ibrahimi, researchers in the project.

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