We proudly announce that Vlera Bexheti and Albinota Nuredini, students hailing from diverse academic backgrounds, have been granted the prestigious McCall MacBain Clean Air Fellowship for their exceptional dedication to addressing air pollution challenges. Vlera, a student of the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, and Albinota, from the Faculty of Business and Economics, have been accepted into the renowned Master of Science program in Air Pollution Management and Control at the University of Birmingham, UK.
The McCall MacBain Clean Air Fellowship is a recognition of these two promising individuals’ commitment to making a positive impact on global air quality. This fully funded scholarship encompasses full tuition coverage and a living stipend during their studies. This esteemed fellowship is meticulously designed by leading academics, who are trailblazers in the field, to identify candidates capable of demonstrating a compelling rationale for engaging in air pollution studies and a steadfast dedication to combat this issue in their career paths post-graduation.
Notably, this is not the first time that SEEU students have shone brightly in the realm of prestigious scholarships. Just last year, another SEEU student, Lejla Ademi, received this distinguished McCall MacBain Clean Air Fellowship, a testament to the university’s dedication to nurturing future leaders committed to environmental sustainability.
Max van der Stoel Institute – SEEU, a vital partner in the collaborative initiative, joins hands with the University of Birmingham and the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM) to support the project titled “Assessing the Nexus Between Air Pollution and Human Mobility in the City of Tetova”  This visionary project aims to comprehend the intricate interplay between air pollution and human mobility, particularly among migrants. By examining the impact of migrant pathways on exposure to air pollution, this project endeavors to simultaneously enhance migrant health, mitigate air quality issues, and contribute to climate change mitigation efforts.
This distinctive project sits at the convergence of migration and climate change, bridging the gap between environmental concerns and social dynamics. The University of Birmingham and IOM are committed to exploring how supporting migrants can potentially alleviate exposure to air pollution and promote sustainable climate action.
As they prepare to embark on their Master’s journey in Air Pollution Management and Control at the University of Birmingham this coming September 2023, we extend our heartfelt congratulations once again to Vlera Bexheti and Albinota Nuredini. Best of luck and success in your endeavors!

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