Media Literacy & Disinformation – MeDisInfo, a research cluster operating under the aegis of the Social Sciences Research Group, represents a consortium of experts at SEEU. Comprising professionals proficient in international relations and diplomacy, security studies, media, communication, journalism, and information technology, MeDisInfo’s central mission revolves around tackling the profound implications of fake news and disinformation on the broader spectrum of security, with a special emphasis on the Balkan region.

MeDisInfo actively contributes as a vital member of the Media Literacy Network of North Macedonia, fortifying inter-organizational bonds and bolstering collaborative efforts with peers across the country. This involvement encompasses a wide array of activities, from attending regional conferences to fostering other types of synergistic collaborations.

MeDisInfo continues to make significant strides in addressing the challenges posed by disinformation, contributing to the enhancement of media literacy, and bolstering the security landscape in the Balkan region.





















  • Media Literacy Education at the University Level: A Case study of the South East European University (SEEU)
    Demush Bajrami, Albulena Halili, Edlira Palloshi-Disha, Shemsedin Ibrahimi
    KAIROS: Media and Communication Review


  • September 2023: MeDisInfo team members attended ‘Strengthening Societal Resilience and Countering Foreign Perpetrated Disinformation in the Western Balkans’ In-Country Visit to North Macedonia -Whole of Society Session organized by the Centre for European Perspective – CEP. More…
  • July 2023: Fakespotting team members Albulena Halili and Edlira Palloshi Disha participated at the final project meeting at the University of Bologna, Italy 
  • June 2023: We are looking forward to the Point Conference ‘Political Accountability and New Technologies’ in Sarajevo. More…
  • April 2023: Multiplier event of the project Fakespotting was held in the framework of ‘Project Networking & Internationalization Week’
  • March 2023: Fakespotting team members Shemsedin Ibrahimi and Bujar Sinani participated at the fourth project meeting at Novi Sad School of Journalism, Serbia
  • March 2023: MeDisInfo research team participated in Rugova Fact-checking Tech Camp
  • December 2022: The second workshop of the project ‘SEEU students 5.0: Media and Information Literacy in the Age of Disinformation’ was held. Read the news here
  • November 2022: Celebrating Media Literacy Days 2022 – Podcast: Future Generation in the Disinformation Age. Listen it here
  • September 2022: The first workshop of the project ‘SEEU students 5.0: Media and Information Literacy in the Age of Disinformation’ was held.
  • November 2021: Celebrating Media Literacy Days 2021 – Generation 5.0: Should we believe in everything we read on the internet? Debate with students to mark Media Literacy Days, held from 22-29 November 2021. Read the news here.
  • November 2021: Celebrating Media Literacy Days 2021 – Distribution of leaflets for students

Media Literacy Days 2022

Media Literacy Days 2021


Demush Bajrami

Shemsedin Ibrahimi

Bujar Sinani





Fakespotting 2nd Meeting

Rugova Fact-checking Tech Camp

Fakespotting Multiplier Event

SEE U Students 5.0 3rd workshop

SEE U Students 5.0 Grant awarding ceremony

Media Literacy Days 2021

Fakespotting Final Meeting

Fakespotting Joint Staff Meeting

Transition project workshop - staff

SEEU 5.0 - USAID Grantees Meeting

Conference “Building Resilience to Disinformation"

Transition project workshop - media

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